QUESTIONS regarding 2020 Online Event

 Ok here are a few: 

Can you enter more than 1 Song?  You can actually enter 2. I needs to be live and the video file sent to us at and then you can also enter "Song of the year" by either playing live or recoring a song, you just need to upload that one to youtube yourself and send us the link. We will then add it to our Song of the year Playlist. 

Do songs have to be originals or Covers?  they can be either. 


Can Bands Still enter?   Yes, to enter bands. There will be no limit this year. 


When are the Video's Due? They are due 31st August, but you can get them as soon as you want.. Winners announced 16th September. 

Please don't wait till will be making life very hard for us if you do. 



Will Bands/Students still get feedback from the Judges?    

Yes, we will be sending out 2 Judges sheets for every band that enters back to the Teachers at your school. They can then pass them onto you. 


Can you Record the Band and then do a Film Clip Over the Song? 

NO,The Videos have to be Live. I will stress again that this is not a Video Production comp , we just want to see the Players and hear the songs. So no overdubs. 

You just send us the Video and we upload it for you. 

Here is our Very own Tim Burton who recorded a Diecasts track using a webcam and a small interface. But Iphone, ipad, and any old camera will do the trick.  

Can you Record the Band and then do a Film Clip Over the Song for, "Song of the year"?   

The SONG OF THE YEAR COMP..... you can do a recorded Song with Film Clip. That is a separate section. So overdubs are fine for that. You can Upload your video yourself to youtube and just send us the link. We will add it to our Song of the year Playlist.   

In this Section you can feel free to use all the Video and recording production you have at your disposal. 



Changes for 2020  

South Australia and Newcastle Join RockFest - There will be 2 New heats added this year with Newcastle holding a heat at the The Newcaste Conservatorium of Music. 

St. Aloysius College in Adelaide will host the South Australian leg of the event. 


Junior Bands - Will now be for Regional Heats only, Junior Bands will not go through to the National Final. They will still receive awards at the heat stages but there will be no progression after that.  Juniors will now be for years 7 and 8 and year 9 students will now be included in the SNR Section. 

Senior Bands - As stated above seniors will now be Years 9-12. The winning Senior Band from each Heat will progress to the National Final on Sept 4th.

NSW, SA and QLD Bands and Solo Acts - We will be providing accommodation and Flights for 5 Band Members and 1 Teacher/Parent for Bands and 2 Flights and Accom Maximum for Solo Acts. So you are encouraged to keep bands to a 5 member limit.

Flights for NSW Bands will be out of Sydney and Newcastle Airport. Flights for QLD Bands will be out of Brisbane Airport. Flights for SA will be out of Adelaide Airport 

Victorian Schools - There will now be a State Final for 2 Bands and 2 Solo Acts to progress through to the National Final. 

About RockFest 

RockFest Came about to provide High School Students the opportunity to perform contemporary music live in front of their peers, friends and teachers.

Its not just Rock n Roll either. Every year we see a wider variety of music and styles from, Roots, Rock, Funk, Folk, Acoustic acts to Metal. 

RockFest came to life in Victoria but has now expanded to NSW and Qld with 12 Shows planned for 2018. 

In 2017 900 High school students from more than 100 schools competed in Rockfest's Band competition, performing to over 3000 people over the duration of the shows. 

In 2018 we will see even more schools and students involved with the introduction of the Solo/Duo Category. 

Rockfest is divided in to 2 Age Groups. Junior Category is Years 7-8 and the Senior Category in Years 9-12. 

Entries are now open for 2019. So go to the Home Page and Click on the "Enter Here"

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