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FAQ's for 2021,   RockFest online

How does RockFest "online" work?  
It's really easy, and explained in further detail below:

  1. Register your band 
  2. Record a live video of your song.

  3. Send it to us, and we'll announce the winners!

My school is in remote Australia, can I enter?  
Absolutely! RockFest is open to every school student in Australia, and we encourage every student & school formed band in Australia to enter - all prizes are delivered to you too!

Can you enter more than 1 song?  
Yes, you can actually enter up to 4 songs if you like.

(RockFest Entry) Needs to be live with the video files sent to us at or a dropbox account link if easier. You also have the option to enter 2 Live Songs on your Entry Form This Year. 

(Song of the Year) Can Either be live or a Fully recorded with Film Clip. Click HERE for examples. You need to Uplaod these to Youtube Yourself and send us the link. 

If you have 1 RockFest Entry that entitles you to 1 Song of the Year Entry. If you added an Extra RockFest Entry that entitles you to 2 Song of the Year Entries. 

Can you enter originals, or covers?  
They can be either, it's up to you - they just need to be recorded live (not prerecorded with a film clip). Here are some great examples from 2020: RockFest's YouTube channel.

When are your videos due? 
The cut-off date is the 16th of September 2022, but please don't wait until September if you have your recording ready.  Winners are announced in October. 

Will you get feedback from the Judges?    

Yes, we will send out the Judges Marking Sheets & Notes for every band that enters RockFest - with many Judges being well known in the music industry!

What are the competition categories
RockFest is divided in to 3 Age Groups:

- Primary School Bands
- Junior Category is  Year 7-8
- Senior Category is Years 9-12

Within these three age groups, over $25,000 of prizes are awarded to a diverse range of musical categories.


Thank you for Phil Jamieson from for helping us judge the 2020 Rockfest finals!

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