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So we have decided to do it online. I realise this is not the greatest outcome for everyone so with the help of our sponsors we have Increased the Prize pool to over $25K in Prizes to sweeten the deal. 

CRAZY AMOUNT OF PRIZES (Listed Below).... so massive thanks to Cranbourne Music, Fender, Daddario, Yamaha, and Zildjian. 


So how does it work? Easy, you Video 1 Song Per Band (must be a live performance) and email it to we will then upload it to youtube, so that all the Students involved in RockFest will get to see you play as well as being able to share it with family and school friends as well. I MUST STRESS THIS POINT: THIS IS NOT A VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPETITION you can use your iphone, ipad, Camera whatever you have available to you. We will be judging the Music not your Video Production Skills.


Please don't upload the Video to youtube, We will do that at RockFest HQ. You just need to send the file. DROPBOX is preferred. 


I would encourage all bands to still work on at least 3 songs and then pick their best one. The idea is to keep bands playing live music, but just doing it a little differently this year. 


So while we cant be in the same room this year we will all get to enjoy seeing every band play from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Sydney and beyond. 


Let's all make the most of this and have fun with it, I really think the young Muso's are going to really love getting to see all the different bands play. 

You can still enter new Bands by clicking the link on the Home Page. 

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