Who Can Enter? Anyone who is currently enrolled at Primary School or Secondary School in Australia. 

What if my Band mates go to different schools? You can still enter RockFest however one school will have to enter the Band and the Band will represent that school in the competition. Any major prizes that are won would be delivered to that school for use in their music program. 

Can i use my Guitar Amp or Drum Kit?  No you cant. Back-line will be provided for the event. You may however use your own Cymbals, Effect Pedals, Double Kick Pedals or other Accessories you may need for your performance. 

How long do we have to play for? You should aim for a 10 min for Junior Bands and a 15 min set for Solo and Senior Bands. This may vary slightly depending on the amount of entries we get. 

Cover songs or Original Songs? You can play Covers or Original songs. Original Songs if written well and performed well will obviously attract favorable responses from the judges. The main reason to compete however should be to have a good time and enjoy playing music.  

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